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  1. abaazov


    hi guys, anyone know where i cna get historical intra-day data for the popular european futures contracts, going back at least till 2000?
  2. TraDaToR


    I use a trial version of for this purpose. After the trial period, you can still download euro futures after the close for free.
  3. inktomii


    Try your broker, FCM. I would recommend recording the tick data yourself with NeoTicker.

    Can you let me know were you got your data, and if you had any problems with it?
  4. tradestation has the data as well. I can't guarantee quality though.
  5. Surdo


    That's a good one, consider yourself lucky to get today's ES data from TradeStation!
  6. CBuster


    Try - I used them and am pretty happy. Not free though. Depends what you're willing to spend.
  7. Hi guys

    I know this is problably not the right place to post this, but please cut me some slack since i can't find a related topic:

    How do you hedge a $ position? How many put warrants do i have to buy to hegde $10.000 worth of bonds. The multiplier of the EUR/USD warrants is 0.01:1.

    thanks in advance
  8. inktomii


    Wow, I feel sad for you HLFinance. I hope, is not your web site.