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  1. Dear fellow European traders,

    I am looking for a free website or very low cost software that has REAL TIME (candlestick) charts (streaming is even better, in the style of Livecharts ) on major european indices and/or their futures contracts: Dax, CAC 40, FTSE.
    This is not for trading purposes but as indicators for ES night session thus reliability although important doesn't have to be perfect.

    I know of one so far : it's a very decent French website, their index data seems to be real time or very close. Let me know please if you are aware of other sources. Thank you.
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  3. Thanks Wild . I am going to start learning German too. Hope I can read it within 2 years or so.
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    very good ...

    1st lesson: what´s the English equivalent for the German term "Quote Center" ?
  5. I wasn't trying to be funny. Bund and Dax are great markets to trade and German is a beautiful language.
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    is it:
    The checkout at Walmart ?
  7. on this site you can find a tick chart of the DAX index and serveral RT charts with 60sec refresh mode...thats the best you can get for free in europe...there is no or something like this, sorry

    good luck
  8. Thanks hardcash,
    did I mention German chicks too ? Can't wait to speak German!
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    shouldn´t be a problem for you ... English is just another northern German dialect after all
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