European Elections June 2009

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    LONDON, England (CNN) -- The election of 736 members from 27 member countries to the European Parliament in June will be the biggest transnational electoral contest there has ever been.

    About 375 million EU citizens aged 18 or over are entitled to vote in the election of the parliament members for a five-year term. The elections will be held on Thursday, June 4 in the UK and the Netherlands. There will be voting on Friday, June 5 in Ireland and the Czech Republic. And it will begin on Saturday, June 6 in Cyprus, France, Italy, Latvia, Malta and Slovakia. The other countries will conduct their voting on Sunday, June 7.


    The political structure of Europe could change a lot this week.
  2. I'm voting for the socialists!:p

    'Let the bankers pay for the crisis themselves!'

  3. Merkel and Sarkozy win despite the crisis.

    Save the banks in europe and people love you.:)
  4. pspr