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  1. I would like to trade a currency future that is liquid, trends, and trades between the hours of 3am - 8am East Coast USA time. I see a lot of post re: 24 hour trading through CME/Globex for currency futures but I would have to think that the trading is just like the ES between 4pm and 8am, quite trendless. I trade DAX, ESTX and Bund now and am just looking for exchange, broker,data supplier for currency futures in the same hours of these European index futures. I will of course search the net, but anyone who just may know some or all of this info and could post a reply would be greatly appreciated.
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    look better, the market is at it best during London times, liquidity is always present.
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    Which market, product do you refer to ?
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    6E euro/dollar
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    We offer the currency futures ($2.40 per side). Liquidity is very good during those hours - except in the mini-FX contracts which are very illiquid. You can also trade European futures from the same account.
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    Specifically which products are these on your website?
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  8. I am going to have to second the notion about Euro futures... They are very active in the morning hours EST.

    The only time of the day that they are slow is in the evening.

    You can catch some large moves on the Euro if you want to.

    I've personally just started trading it... and I quite like it!
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    1) What data feed do you use?

    2) Which are the best of the Euro Currencies?

    3) What are the best hours to trade them?

    4) Where can I find the specs for these contracts?

    Thanks also to Steve_IB
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    These currency futures are traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, you should check its website at for contract specifications. I believe they also have the SPAN margin requirements listed there, although you might get margin info on any brokerage's website as well. Interactive brokers has its margin requirements listed.
    The best time to trade really depends on your style and strategy, but given the (almost) 24hr trading hours, there should be a 'best time to trade' for everyone... good luck.
    You might also be interested in the Dollar Index futures contract, which is listed on the NYMEX, part of the NYBOT.
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