European Crisis

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    Nowadays I am considering European crisis. Why?

    I am not inspecting / viewing its economic situation, because I think this crisis belongs to the certain phase of Europe.
    If inspecting / viewing carefully, we maybe find some reasons for this crisis.
    But whatever, not important, this/these reasons just is blasting fuse, never the real reason.

    European economic is not the most developed one, but almost.
    The most, America maybe.
    Their economic is strongest and most powerful, with most advanced technology, friendly environment.
    Why they can¡¯t keep their good development, but economic crisis occurs(I think economic reacts with environment and technology)?

    The normal logic, better economic, better technology and vice versa.
    But in fact, this logic can last long time. Why?
    Humans¡¯ greed? Government interruption? Or others?

    Human¡¯s greed exists from humans appear.
    It causes development of humans and culture (economic is included, of course).
    According to simple logic, nothing can be pure good or bad, so greed is.
    It can cause development, also recession.
    Because of greed, humans want to control this and that to get more or quickly at some time which is not accepted by nature¡¯s principle.
    But humans will do according to their understanding currently, never considering future long enough.
    So humans should get pay the cost, not at once but later which is after a crazing revelry.
    Then the recession/crisis comes.

    Government interruption is drived by Humans¡¯ greed.
    It stand for all humans¡¯ intention and most intelligence(except leaders¡¯ donging for themselves¡¯ profits ).
    When authority is not too powerful or democracy is good enough, civilian just endure normal recession or crisis.
    But if not, civilian should also endure the bad fruit of ugly decision of leaders except the normal recession or crisis (more authority, more corruptions).

    My understanding is above, and could you show yours?