European commission forces 'too big to fail' banks to be broken up.

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    ING and RBS, both banking giants with a +1 Trillion USD balance sheet have been ordered to be broken up into pieces so they will be a threat to the respective countries no more or far less should they come into trouble once more.

    Other banking giants who received state help are soon to follow.

    I for one aplaude this smakdown on banking interests by politicians as it is a rare event worldwide this day in age.

    Wouldnt have thought I'd ever see the day.:)
  2. I am so glad, I hope US follows suit. Bail outs are/were absolutely the wrong thing to do. They could easily enforce anti-trust laws to break these companies need for new legislation just active enforcement. Nobody can whine and say this is necessary, because if 'Ma Bell had to be broken up so our telephone bill didn't double I think the Banks can be broken up.

    Too big to fail=Monopolies

    Nothing more.......Nothing less.
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  5. dont be fooled by the european union, this will simply have the effect of divesting power into private banking cartels mainly linked to the aristocracies of european families.LOL. Europeans are some of the msot protectionist people on earth and there is now way they can ever compete with us.
  6. I applaud the EU on this. Do I think the US is intelligent enough to do the same? Probably. But the lobbying will prevent corrupt politicians and Fed governors from ever doing so.
  7. Lethn


    The UK are doing this as well.

    It's the happiest news I've f***ing heard in ages from politics. The question is though whether they will indeed go through with it or are they just going to stall until the next elections?
  8. Exactly. Aren't the laws already in place to control this? Why not enforce them?
  9. From my study and talking with Canadians they are all about monopolies. There appears to be little competition. The big difference is they are highly regulated. None of these BS mortgagees like the US had.
  10. US is now too crooked & corrupt to follow. It no longer leads, it can't even follow!
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