European Bond Market Preview 3/13

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    - European government bonds closed higher in yesterday's session following further news of trouble in the US sub-prime mortgage sector.
    - According to the Q2 Manpower Employment Outlook released overnight, 14% of German firms aiming to create new jobs, while only 2% are planning cuts.
    - In focus today will be the release of the Zew survey in Germany and the Euro-Zone. In Germany, economic sentiment is expected to rise to 3.2 in March from 2.9 in February, while the current situation is seen falling to 67.2 in March from 70.9 in February. In the Euro-Zone economic sentiment is seen falling to 4.5 in March from 6.8 in February.
    - Over in the UK gilts closed higher tracking movements in the Euro-Zone and in the US.
    - Overnight RICS house prices came in at 24% for the month of February, below estimates of 25%, and the previous figure of 28%.
    - According to the Q2 Manpower Survey released overnight, a balance of 13% of firms are expected to add to their payrolls in the April-June period v 15% during Q1.
    - In focus in the UK will be the visible and total trade balance figures. Both the visible and total trade balance figures are expected to come in as a deficit during January, however both are expected to narrow from December.