European and Japanese Daytrading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Harry123, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. Harry123


    What I would like to find out is what brokers and data vendors are out there that allow U.S. Citizens to actively daytrade all the European Stock Markets and the Japanese Stock Market.

    Furthermore, what realtime charting systems can I use to track all the individual stocks of all these different stock markets? Also what websites have others found that provide information about the pre-trading action of these markets (analogous to here in the USA).

    Basically, most people are used to always thinking of daytrading or trading in general as a person who for the most part only trades U.S. stocks, indices, futures etc. However, its logical to assume that there are people from England who sit all day long during their market hours and just daytrade the European stock markets, using brokers that we have not even heard of and real time data vendors that we commonly are not aware of. Its funny that they say the world has gotten "smaller" due to advances in communication but when it comes to this area there is still so much misinformation and confusion as to how to become involved as a trader of stocks in European or Japanese stock markets. Furthermore, I'm not talking about the index futures of these markets or playing ETF's that track them either or ADR's. I want to know what brokers and chart/data providers people who mirror us here (U.S.A.) in profession are using overseas.

    I'm looking forward to all responses because to be completely honest I have alot to learn in this area and I'm sure there are plenty of European and Asian Daytraders who come to this site (as this is the internet) and they can help me out with real life examples. Thanks in advance.