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  1. Yes. There is always some truth to humor, and in this case, I would say that it is certainly not a stretch. But it is outdated as well. England is no longer the influence it used to be. Many of my European friends see England as a has been, whereas Germany garners more respect.

    The EU is really a Franco-German bloc and England is increasingly irrelevant. they can't play those games anymore. I see a day where Russia will be more valuable to the EU than England is. Maybe it already is? Russia is expanding their natural gas flows into Europe. And Germany is seeking better trade with Russia.

    Very interesting developments. If England tanks IMF style as it did in the 1970s - there is no new North Sea to profit from and neither a (bullshit) Falkland War to unify the masses. This time, it will be different.
  2. in mainland eu there is this expectation in the air that all will be great as once upon a time in austo-hungarian empire. germans showing their abilities as leaders the rest will happiliy follow. uk was not part of it and dont think it fits in.

    lets be nice and wish them that their dreams turn to reality :)