Europe thanks the US for voting Obama.

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  1. On behalf of my fellow european citizens I would like to take this opportunity and thank you all for voting against another 4 years of neocon destructive politics and instead vote for the change we all so desperately need!

    Yes we can!
  2. Yes, we were all relieved to see that America seems ready to vote for a President not looking to shoot first and ask questions after ( Irak and its weapons of mass destruction...)

    Americans: you have astonished the world.
    You are starting to regain the respect and admiration you've been losing.
  3. Arnie


    Now, why don't you Europussies start taking care of your own defense so we can bring ALL of our troops home?
  4. Defense costs a LOT of money: we are using Other People ( i.e. America)'s Money :D
  5. Note for Republicans: Iraq does not actually border Europe.
  6. Vista


    Imagine this scenario:

    One day, to all countries around the world we say, see ya'll later. You guys are taking care of yourselves now. And then we put all those billions of $'s into our own infrastructure and alternative energy programs.

    It'd be interesting to see how that would work out.
  7. Europe is a great place.
  8. Who exactly is the US defending Europe against?
  9. lassic


    whew, that's a load off my mind, we have blessings from

  10. Vista


    You'll have to call the Pentagon for that answer, because I have no idea. It might be time for them to pack their bags.

    But, hopefully the next time somebody farts loud, Europeans won't hit the ground, wave their hankerchiefs and call us. Because, just maybe we'll be putting all that military money into windmills and electric car infrastructure. You know, taking care of ourselves for a change.
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