Europe Socialism vs. American Socialism. Europe for all, America for a few.

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  1. The main difference between American and European Socialism is the coverage.

    Europe's socialism works because everyone is part of the system.

    America's socialism is way different. It only covers a small % of the population at the expense of the majority.The SHEEPLE pay for the socialism of the few rich bastards.
  2. Isn't that how the old Soviet Politburo configured it?
  3. NO idea my friend. I am from Cuba.
  4. Not true at all, i lived with my relatives in france for a while and they receivied nothing. (we are muslims) if you are not white with a french name, it is hard to get jobs, we got no health care, and was forced to live in the ghettos. Summary, we got no benefits that the white french got. I'm glad I was able to live with my aunt here in the us.

    So if you are in europe and white, it's great, if not, tough luck. Look in the ghettos in france, not one dam white person. Can't wait till they all die out.
  5. I am sorry to hear that. I know what is like to be discriminated for raze, religion, political affiliations and many other things.

    However my friend, it is extremely hard for us in the west to accept your culture. Our differences are vast. Just in the American hemisphere we have problem living with one another, imagine a culture so controversial as yours. Honestly, I would keep myself away from middle eastern cultures. did not get a piece of French socialism but you are a special your argument is not valid.

    I wish you a great future in America............I actually adore the United States of America.
  6. Understandable. You are correct, europe is great if you fit a certain criteria, if i was a native european, i'd be one happy cat.
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    Hmmm, I'm white and living in Quebec Canada.
    I can tell you that are companies here in Canada which hire a certain percent of blacks, arabs etc. So, as a white I can't get in because my position was taken by an arab who has inferior qualification but has to fill that percentage in the company.
    And I'm not saying "Can't wait till they all die out"....what do you have to say about that?
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    In summary I think Socialism is fairer than Capitalism which only considers money money and more money, no matter who else suffers or is hurt !

    Socialism may occupy the moral high ground BUT and there is an almighty BUT

    Socialism is uncompetitive and leads to bankruptcy. You can't eat morality. The incompetent are promoted to high positions for political reasons, not business reasons. A hand out society develops, where it is fairly easy to fake a disability and get the State to fund your children, a house, new fittings every few years etc. etc. so many people say why bloody bother if the lazy sod down the street lives better than I and sponges off the state.
  9. I think you are 100% but that is not what the topic is all about. You are referring to communism.
  10. Good luck jueco2005 with some of the responses here. Whenever someone questions the Socialism for the wealthy model here in America - we Americans are automatically programmed to defend our model and view everyone else's as evil... we automatically think Cuba, Venezeula, and the Soviet Union.

    Somehow Americans completely ignore the French/Canadian/ Swedish models and instead go the other deep end with Marxism and Maosim.

    I see the European model as a more beneficial medium. Period. What benefits the middle class in America had were due to the gigantic credit bubble and having the world's reserve currency. We Americans got the giant crumbs from our corporate masters and we were happy. Now that the party is over, we'll see what our corporate overlords/kleptocracy/banksters will let us earn/keep.
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