Europe is imploding.

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  1. DAX is down over 5%

    FTSE MIB down 1100.

    Greece 2 year @ 84:

    But this isn't the the news is now ITALY. The crisis is QUICKLY spreading there and then its GAME OVER:

    Italy 2-year up over 8% today and rising...


    Italian 10 Year Bond Price Almost An 8 Handle

    Stunned horror, even from the ECB which is not even pretending to be able to put a floor under Europe's fulcrum security - the Italian 10 year. Popcorn not optional. If this thing hits 8X, cue panic.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    If you're going to steal text from Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, you should at least link to the website and not steal/plagiarize.

  3. Reminds me what Hugh Hendry said about 2 years ago regarding Europe and what investors should do, " I suggest you panic!"

    The keymaster and the gatekeeper are on the ground in Italy. Gozer is back in play as yields approach the point of no return of 6.5%.

    That 1939 chart some have brought up on various sites appears to be in play.

    Expect the QE3 and Bernanke showing up with Lambchop on his hand explaining why it will work.
  4. Wow I have to link to everything I read.

    okay here you go buddy.

    Any other help I can render, please ask.

    Oh let's not forget

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    Tsing Tao

    No, you don't have to link everything you read. But if you're going to copy text word for word, you should give the author of the text credit. To not do that is called Plagiarism.
  6. Do professors when keeping a student's paper, after they've asked for permission from the student, ever acknowledge that they derived a publication from the student's paper?? I can remember at least 2 papers of my were kept, everything was quoted and cited in it, but I'm kind of wondering what they do with those things.
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  8. Posting someone else's words in a fashion that they sound your own does not makes sense in any case.

    Even if you are too lazy to paste the link, keeping them in quotes is a good idea.
  9. I dont even know why I am responding, but no positions so why not?

    I am well aware of what plagiarism is. I am gonna take a wild guess and say you are either not American or are American but not born in the west. This is not some authoritarian shithole country where the secret police is gonna come taser you in the nutsack because you didnt do something your mummy told you word for word. This is not fucking Cuba or whatever shithole police state. This is not an academic paper,it's a public forum for god's sake.

    Get rid of your old cultural mentality dude, you are in America now, You are safe.
  10. :D Now THAT is a laughable comment!
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