Europe has emerged as the richest region in the world

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    Maybe Europe can raise an army now and we can stop subsidizing their defense.
  3. They definitely have better beer....

  4. 80% of all posts on this board are in some fashion "anti-American" as it is, so yet another "Europeans are better than Americans" thread is of no surprise. Why you guys don't form your own "Euro-Trading" board is quite puzzling. Most of you (Euros, in particular) have already, somewhat successfully, turned this rather mediocre trading site into a "capitalism is evil," "socialism rules," "America sucks" message board, cheers on a job well done.
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    Well said.

    Also if I may, they need more socialized dental programs.

  6. I also find it amusing that Europeans always have to lump many of their countries together in order to constantly (I would argue "obsessively") compare themselves to us. For example: "Well, you stupid Americans might have a larger GDP than my country and lead us in technology, but when you take my country and add a dozen others to it - we're better than you."
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    LOL!! :D :cool: :D
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    I'll take a Becks. How anyone can drink Bud is beyond me. It's pure camel piss.

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    Is there a socialized program for this in the EU?
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    Are you for real? I think your post speaks for itself.
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