Euronext and NYSE questions...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone...just want let everyone know that I will be interviewing some of the big wheels at Euronext while I'm in Paris next week (for the World Poker Tour finals, yea!)....for an assignment from Stocks and Commodities and Traders, if you have any questions you think would be of interest to tradfers, please let me know...PM or here...


  2. kbeck


    I would like to know if we will have direct access to the european stocks via our normal platforms? Will our ecn's work.?

  3. would ecn´s be allowed to provide liquity rebates?
  4. cmaxb


    I don't understand why the Deutsche deal didn't go through. Seems like there would be more synergy there. Something like a pan-european exchange.
  5. Maybe we'll get lucky and be able to trade Euronext stocks on NYSE during our normal hours, possibly even NYSE stocks on Euronext during their session. It could be a good way to get volume revenue for them. Maybe you could arrange this Don?

    Tell them I think it's a good idea :)
  6. That would be beautifull... trading MOT from 3am-2pm...

    I might end up getting the "forex sindrome" - aka waking up at random hours in the night to check the markets... sleeping only on saturdays... perhaps is not such a good idea...
  7. Thanks everyone for helping with good questions...I head over there on Wednesday, with a possible follow up via email.