EuroFX liquidity since Reuters introduction

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NickBarings, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Did any of you see a significant increase in the liquidity
    of the EuroFX contract at the CME since it was added
    on the Reuters 3000 dealingstation ?
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    Someone ?
  3. mikevlem


    nobody ?
  4. When was EUR added to Reuters? I haven't noticed any change in the past month - it has good liquidity.
  5. Somewhere in the beginning of the year.
    When did you mention a sudden increase in liquidity if any
    this year ?
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    in general, i think if hedge funds & other major liquidity providers want to trade or hedge with fx futures they will just do it. with or without reuters. the reuters terminal will just make it easier - not present a reason or a new business case to trade a new product.

    if anything volumes have dropped during may for the us main hours (7.20 ~ 11 am cst)

    this week i have noticed volumes increase however for the london/euro hours slightly - but this could well be down to activity from the referendums?

    this is just technical though - big move in the morning, tight dry trading range/consolidation afterwards. happens in all markets as we know.

    cme have also been putting on their horse & pony show (global fx summits) around the world as well to increase volumes.

    so overall id say there has been little impact. i dont expect there to be either.
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    Accessibility is the key to making something become more popular. The easier you make it easy for ppl to participate in whateverish then the more that whateverish will grow. It's why skateboarding is more popular than aggressive inline and also why cable modems and cell phones have become so popular. It can't just be an easy way for businesses to make money, but it has to be easily accessible by the majority who don't hardly ever feel like keeping up with "extras" and/or going out of their way for stuff.