EuroFX futures Today???

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by StreamlineTrade, Jun 20, 2006.

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    Anyone know why the action is so droll?

    Very quiet, and there seems to be some odd action in the book. I've seen 700 lots crop up on the inside a few times - also noticed this yesterday.

    There will always be some sloppy days, but given we had the Home Starts report, I would have thought there would be some action.

    Just wondering.......

    All I can think of is the World Cup effect - England are playing today, so all the London boys are in front of the wrong screen.

  2. There was some increasing volatility via the report release but it quickly declined in comparison to prior 0830am - 0900am est report release price reactions.

    Your getting spoiled in seeing those parabolic price movements :cool:

    Wait till Thurs 22nd...we'll see better price action in comparison to today's 30min zone.

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    Thanks Mark - but thats simply not good enough. I WANT VOLATILITY AND I WANT IT NOW!!!! :D (im a patient guy really :))

    Why the 22nd?

    Euro zone industrial orders at 3.00am CST
    Leading Indicators 9.00 CST,
    jobs data at 7.30.

    None of these tend to do much imo. But never say never in this business!

    I would have thought Fridays Durables number would have been the one to watch.....

    Either way, it will be nice to see some movement this week. Today has been like trading Eurodollar front months...the calm before the storm perhaps (I hope!)?
  4. It might be that Europe "goes on vacation" during the Summer months. It might be this way until after Labor Day weekend.