Eurodollars on Globex

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  1. Anyone playing with them on globex? Volume is really starting to take off. Feel sorry for those poor floorbrokers who will soon be jobless. i don't.
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    Anyone trade back months on screen though? They seem to be a lot slower moving on screen.
  3. What is the point of open outcry when electronic trading exists? This apply's to S&P futures aswell.
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    GE seems to be a scalpers market 2 me. i guess it just involves sitting on the quotes - but this seems 2 simple. seems boaring 2 me - sitting around all day waiting for your 20 lot to be filled, only to find you only got 7 (pro rata market) that u cant shift.

    i think the pros trade this with spreads at all times - scalping 4 a tick. if this is wrong im all ears.
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    This is great that the euros are now moving slowly toward GLOBEX because it helps overall volumes. All you can trade right now on the screen are regular spreads (two months) and outrights through the Eagle matching engine. But they will soon have butterflies. For the most part, everyone in this market does some sort of spread, and there are some guys who will hold some of the less liquid spreads for weeks or even months. Most of the spreads trend pretty well. Not sure if these huge volumes on the screen are from dealer order competition or from some of the locals using the handhelds in the pits. Either way, I plan on eventually trading some of the spreads as intermediate term trades rather than trying to scalp.

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    Chicago Electronic Trading Scorecard for May 19, 2004

    CBOT: 54.00%
    CME: 60.57%
    CME Eurodollars: 42.96%
    CME Currency Products: 71.34%
    CBOT Fed Funds: 26.00%

    CBOT Options: 2.55%
    CME Options: .75%

    Notes: Eurex US traded 1340 contracts yesterday. The CBOT traded 110 contracts in the Bund, Bobl, Schatz group.

    Liffe Eurodollars are climbing towards the 50,000 open interest level, with yesterday's figure at 44,772. Liffe Eurodollar volume was 13,554 yesterday.

    Emini S&P's broke the 1 million contract mark again yesterday.

    JUN04 37.60 38.60 38.67 .00 .00 38.22 48.45
    SEP04 43.83 43.72 51.29 .00 .00 46.11 49.68
    DEC04 54.75 57.86 58.97 .00 .00 57.12 55.59
    MAR05 56.85 56.09 53.87 .00 .00 55.60 51.02
    JUN05 47.93 50.44 53.15 .00 .00 50.65 46.00
    SEP05 41.20 39.85 32.91 .00 .00 37.30 38.00
    DEC05 34.77 42.44 24.13 .00 .00 33.13 36.26
    MAR06 30.90 14.78 26.60 .00 .00 22.39 27.87
  7. i believe the huge volumes are from the dealer as a floor trader i talked to last month said that floorbrokers were blackballing traders who held handhelds and not trading with them. this was two months ago though. bottom line, traders adapt and brokers go broker.
    i'm excited too at opportunities that butterflies and double flies pose as intermediate term spreads. butterflies actually do trade on the screens and there are markets/trades up until the u5-z5-h6 fly. volume in these will pick up once they start to quote implieds in them and the packs and bundles. then volume will explode on the screens...we just have to figure out how to trade it.
  8. thanks for the volume update maverick. times they are a changing. except in the options markets i guess. any idea why the fixed income options are having such a tough time going to the screens, while the equities have found a nice home on the ISE?
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    what do you guys call intermediate?

    A few hours, or a few days?

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    Days or even weeks
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