eurodollars/eurbor traders

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  1. Many eurodollar or euribor traders left on this board? Haven't heard from many here lately.
  2. fandyur


    I trade the Eurodollar and the Ed spreads
  3. there's plenty of GE traders still on the board
  4. morreo


    I trade spreads in both, but I'm not around often.
  5. Whats up buddies? What's going on? Wait, have to run, I have 500 3 month ED spreads on and I'm about to get squeeeeezed out for a full tick winner, later buddies.
  6. I'm baaaaaaack, and I have the results. First off, it's funny how fake and fast the algos cancel when the edge is gone, almost had to take a half tick winner... buuuuut I was able to leg them in the outrights. Later buddies.

  7. AC3


    I trade the 4,5,6,7 Euro's outright through a system.
  8. fandyur


    Hey buddy, what makes you a eurodollar star ?
  9. Hmm...well...I never really had to answer this question, usually I just let my P & L do the "talking", 400 lot scalp in the Dec10 outright for a full tick yesterday was the only good trade I made, so I wasn't at star status. However, when some of my curve stuff comes back, and it always does, star status will be back in full effect.

  10. melo


    "eurodollarstar" contains the word 'troll', which description may be unfair but has yet to be disproved by the nature of the freshman's postings
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