eurodollar trading period

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    Is the active trading period for ED very short? only a few hours a day?
  2. Huh? It's more like 24hrs... Might you be referring to the pit, specifically?
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    the volume only appear for a few hours, doesn't it?
  4. I have absolutely no idea where you're looking. There's volume there pretty much 24hrs. All depends on what you mean by volume. I suppose if you have to do 20 bags, you might have an issue in the wee hours of the morning.
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    what does "bags" mean?:p
  6. 1 bag = 1000 contracts (I think there might be some cockney rhyming slang behind it, but I am not entirely sure).
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    i watched the 1 min chart all the day and found sometime there were only a few transactions

    as you said, if you want to trade a bag, you may have to wait for a long time

    is it the norm?
  8. phu780


    Which contracts are you looking at? Volume in the blues and beyond are much lower than the whites and reds.
  9. I've been observing it (sorta) all morning (first 12 contracts). Liquidity (and activity) has been there all along, so I am not entirely sure what you're seeing and where. Unless, as phu suggests, you're looking beyond the greens.
  10. It sounds like you're looking at ED, eurodollars on LIFFE. All the real volume on eurodollars is GE, eurodollars on CME.
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