Eurodollar Spreads

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by fandyur, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. fandyur


    I trade mostly Eurodollar spreads.
    Looking for others to share ideas.
  2. Here's my idea.... DON'T!
  3. 4XQs


    Any particular preferences? Calendars, Condors, Flies?

    I rarely do it, but have spent some time looking into it.
  4. fandyur


    Calendar spreads.
    I trade the 2nd and 6th month.
    I use 3 indicators to trade with.
    Doing this for a number of years.
    Looking for someone to think and share ideas with.
  5. I'm long Dec12 and short Dec10
  6. 4XQs


    I've used the Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec expiration and then spreaded them with six months apart. Thus, trading Jun/Dec and Sep/Mar10. I agree that they trend well enough to just use indicators, I've been using the Daily timeframe.
  7. fandyur


    I've been using the 2nd and 6th mos.
    For a couple of reasons.
    The movement on that spread is affordable and
    I developed an Open Interest indicator that works well with it.

    I am curreently trying to find any correlation between the spread and the outright.
    So far without any success.
  8. I'm legging into a short of GEZ0-GEZ1...trying to leg a short a 77.5 with stop at 78.5 / profit at 73.5
  9. John47


    Is that a technical trade?