Eurodollar spike

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by huffdaddy, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. huffdaddy


    What the heck just happened there? Everything but Z8 just dropped over 100 points and then sprang back up.

    I chased a Z-H for 40 points before I managed to catch one. I suppose I should be happy with the 40 ticks I made, but it would have been nice to have nabbed a few more spreads 40 ticks lower like I was trying to.
  2. huffdaddy


    Here's what the delayed quotes show:

    EURO $ DEC08 96.805 +20.5
    EURO $ MAR09 96.265 A -90.5
    EURO $ JUN09 95.88 A -144.5
    EURO $ SEP09 95.875 -157
    EURO $ DEC09 95.67 -154
    EURO $ MAR10 95.53 -154.5
  3. morreo



    Garbageman here.
  4. jewfro


    Rumors I'm hearing are goldman sold 5000 redpacks and autospreaders did the rest. Sickest movement i've ever seen.. Gotta believe some people blew out there.
  5. i picked up if i remember correctly 445 of them, 178 early the rest later in the move up- i made me a good day out of that- sep 09s--

    if you didn't have your stop loss set the move was too fast for people to puke out and it was right back to where it was- i wouldn't be surprised if not all that many people blew out because a lot of people don't have that stop out just hope they'll hit it themselves when it gets there...

    eh, i'm sure we'll hear more about this soon- it made it on tv in less than 3 min's
  6. mcurto


    yep heard the same about the red packs . . . . 2,000 z/z9 spreads traded 110 over and another 4,000 block trade at 120 over . . . . 8:37 am to 8:45 am . . . . does that coincide with the red pack trade???????
  7. John47


    I trade ED's. I was fucking long 80 cars when that happened and made the best sale of my life to only lose 5 gs. I'm still shaking now.
  8. John47


    merc's not busting anything either. That was insanity. Pure insanity. Def. some people blew out...I was a heartbeat away from being one of them.