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  1. Anyone ever trade Globex Eurodollar options (symbol: GE) via IB a/c?

    How do people wanting to go Long options (on Futures) that are still pit-traded cope? Go to a different broker?
    (IB only trades contracts that are on an electronic platform)

    Views on the:

    1/ Eurodollar outlook

    2/ Globex Eurodollar options trading experiences welcome

  2. I think these contracts trade side by side, ie unlike the ES they are the same exact contract as the pit traded one. They have no volume during RTH however.

    The ED at times isa great trading market for longer term traders. I see it flat for a long time, as the FED has basically said it will not raise rates until absolutely forced to do so.
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    Eurodollars don't trade side by side. EuroFx does trade rth and Globex. However options are pit traded only. In fact with the exception of the ultra thinly traded ES options, I don't think any options on futures are available on U.S. futures via IB.
  4. Pabst,

    I was thinking the futures not the options, even though he did say options. Maybe the proper term is not side by side, but I think they do trade the same futures contract on globex and the pit. Globex doesn't have any volume during RTH.

    I know the eurocurrency futures also trade side by side. Now we've probably confused just about everyone.
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    IB only offers options on ES futures. Although, its not very liquid, one of the advantages of IB is that we also provide indicative quotes for these options.

    FX options are pit traded.
    FX futures are parallel traded - i.e. they trade electronically and in the pit during regular trading hours. Outside of regular trading hours, they trade electronically only. Apart from the Mexican Peso, the baulk of the volume is done electronically, and the percentage seems to be steadily increasing (79% for the EuroFX).

    I'm not sure what the percentage is for Eurodollars (the interest rate), however the CME has recently introduced Eagle, which allows users to trade the spreads electronically, thus, I'd expect the electronic volume to increase.
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    indeed. the IMM is a ghost town.
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    indeed. the IMM is a ghost town.


    IMM Sep EuroFX (EC U3) volume 29.807 ... Tue, Aug 26th
  8. Funny, last weekend I met someone who make markets (errr, position trades) in the Singapore Eurodollar pit.

    Does anyone here have direct experience trading the Eurodollar contracts in Chicago? I'm doing some independent research but would like to touch base with someone who has direct experience trading the Eurodollar at the CME or on Globex ...

    FYI, the Singapore and CME ED contracts can be directly offset & thus it is essentially a 24 hour market.
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    So to recap: with IB at present it is not possible to trade Options on Eurodollar (Int Rate) futures, whether on Globex, A/C/E etc..

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    Yes, thats correct
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