Eurodollar Options at the CME

Discussion in 'Options' started by wilburbear, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Anyone here trade them?

    The volumes are insanely high.

    What percentage are traded electronically?

    Any other important info.?

  2. DRW is the largest market marker and Alan Rottman is one of the largest locals. AFAIK, all of the volume is in the pit.
  3. rosy2


    butterfly seems popular. otherwise its easy hedging for anyone and any firm
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    In the age of electronic trading, it's a little disaapointing to hear most of the volume is still in the pit. Can't wait til the ELX starts up as a competitor to the CME. This ought to make CME products more investor-friendly.

    Eurodollar options trade more volume than the QQQQ options. You can get a thousand QQQQ options at the click of a mouse button, and the contracts are ofter a penny wide.
  5. I have not traded the Eurodollar options before. What is your experience with them (particularly for someone like me who mainly trade the QQQQs and IWM options). It is the pit things that bothers me. I like to trade electronic things. That gives me a feeling that someone is not playing games in the sense of changing rules/etc.