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  1. Can anyone tell me what Eurodollar is all about and is it possible to trade it on daily bases. I am using TS with a symbol on it as ED and the chart coming up ( etc 30 mint 5 mints ticks charts ) is rather very weird with spikes on it.

    Any suggestions or comments?
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    What delivery month are you inputting?
  3. Just the @ED . Its a continuous contract [Dec 05]
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    Try putting in the Dec/06 contract. It's more volatile than the nearby. ATR's in ED dramatically increase as you go further out.
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    If your system is using CME symbols then ED is the floor traded stuff. The futures on Globex are called GE
  6. Okay Thanks

    But what I dont get is, since its Dec 05, Y would I be using Dec 06. Isint it like the way it goes on futures of other regular indees like Russell or Sp mini or Dow ?
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    Euros is the price (or rather the interest rate) of a 3 month deposit at the time of expiration. with short time left that interest rate is almost 100% known. With long time it is very unknown, and hence more volatile.

    Most trading right now is the sep 06 future
  8. Okay I got it.

    But still is it possible to daytrade the current contract i:e Dec 05? What advntages / disadvatges I would face in doing so.
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  10. Yea I got it. Thanks for the info.

    Looks like a new thing for me. A little different then the normal futures I normally trade such as Russell or Sp minis.

    But Dec06 sure looks very trendy indeed.

    Which month contract should be best , I mean How u scale it in and which one you would be choosing and all on under which criteria?

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