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  1. eurodollar futures is widely traded but when the data is charted, the bars are like illiquid stock chart. anyone wants to comment? btw what is the symbol of eurodollar futures?
  2. Symbol is GE. i.e Dec is GEZ8 for DEC eurodollar futures. Not sure on the chart situation, it's a heavily traded contract. Liquidity is good out to 2013 or so
  3. Eurodollar futures are a short term interest rate contract. How much do you suppose that short term interest rates move from day to day?
  4. I like to trade using IB (Interactive Brokers), using EUR (Euro FX) 6EU8 for Sept (6EZ8 for December)

    Just a few thoughts:
    1) Good liquidity, trades in .0001 ticks
    2) can make money with small moves with multiplier of 125000
    3) Trades most hours of the day on CME Globex so you are on a stable exchange
    3) Trades early morning so if you have a day job, this works good.

    1) moves REALLY fast and then sits for hours. IMHO, use Range charts to take time out of the issue.
    2) at the 1/2 hour marks ie 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 am etc., the market can be unstable (sec to second gaps and jumps in the DOM) as new markets around the world on on-line.

    IB has worked good for me for 5 yrs. However, there have been several instances when TWS was unstable and data was unreliable. Most of that occurred in 2007. This year has been OK for me.
  5. have to look at months which move more, like say one year out...
    I'm currently heavily spread long EDZ8 and short EDZ9...

    Margin is like $350/spread but it can easily move $350 in a day or 2 so that's enough of a move for me..
  6. Oneaztrader,

    They are talking about EuroDollar futures (symbol GE) which are short term rates, not the Euro/USD.
  7. Thanks, yes, my mistake.

  8. I am on the other side of that trade im long dec 09 short dec 08 haha. I enjoy this market just recently started trading it, I have heard options are very liquid. Have you traded options on it before??

  9. Best options market in the world, in my opinion.
  10. that spread has moved considerably in your favor lol. What was your entry? It really shot back on the open
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