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  1. jax88


    Expect shock and awe pop in euro soon. Greece news is gonn hit the wire soon (either 3/25 or next week). Yea you heard it here before you see it in price.
  2. So how do I make money on it?
  3. one way to make money is to keep it in a bank instead of following market tips.
  4. I love me a good tip! I never do anything with them, but I sure love to watch people make predictions then fall on their face. :D
  5. Gcapman


    The OP has no idea of how bad the Euro is going to start falling....

    The EU has lost pretty much all confidence from the markets......

    Cover at 1.29
  6. jax88


    Open your DOM for 6EM0. Right side are the offers, left side are the bids. You place a order on the bid to buy. You should've bought it when I posted it, easy 100 pips. Tard.
  7. jax88


    Time to go short folks. Huge short inventory in place.
  8. Completely concur, mate. With the fixing out of the way, it's full steam ahead (or below).
  9. Well, I guess not, eh? Both wrong on that.
  10. jax88


    Covered short today. Don't want to hold before the meeting. I see short covering and possible longs coming in today.
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