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  1. Euro getting smacked pretty hard overnight right now - I cannot find any news right now and it just took another leg down.

    Curious if anyone else sees anything.
  2. its just technical levels breaking down, Asian session is slapping it around like a bit*h
  3. that was some crazy action. Love it.
  4. bkveen3


    I was one of the many stops that was taken out to make this move. Crazy shit.
  5. I have been short euro long usd for a good bit of the ride down - pissed I am out - ahve been trying to wait for good opportunity to reshort. But that was/is one helluva move for an asian session to get it going - we may get some serious cracking in oil tomorrow.
  6. You did not read about it on RFT's blog. He predicted it few weeks ago! He declared war on Euro, and led the armies that are now defeating the euro holders!

  7. Forgot to mention that I got in at 1.5935 area on July 21-22.

    I have now my position showing 700 PIPS profits!
  8. Did u get slipped on that crazy move down (50 pips in a mins)? By how much ?
  9. Congrats. Great trade@!
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    actually my fill was awesome. I had a really close stop so i didn't lose much at all. I got filled three pips from my actual order. I consider myself lucky.
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