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  1. What is going on???

    This market is VERY upset.

    The euro is going thru the roof!


    Iraq's power loss?



    USD/JPY consolidated at 109.50 - looks like it's poised to drop another CENT.

    *sKaLpZ considers he may be having a nervous breakdown*

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  2. One contributory factor is the thin volumes we've seen over the last two weeks. I'm looking forward to September when the big boys are back at their desks following their vacations.

    Isn't there an old stockbroker saying about going away in May and coming back in September?

    I have a web link (not to hand) to a site that shows 15yr and 25yr trend data for each year of the month for Dollar, CAD, CHF, Yen and Pound futures that supports the above to a certain degree. I will post it when I find it.

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  3. it's the Nikkei!!!
  4. I'm thinking, now, it MAY just be the yen.

    money siphoning off of the USD and going into the yen on speculation Japan is gonna crank pretty soon.

    oh well, who listens to me....