Euro unemployment record high.....again.

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  1. Eurozone unemployment rises to record high 11.1%
    By Annalyn Censky @CNNMoney July 2, 2012: 8:21 AM ET

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Reports on Europe's job market and manufacturing sector both show the region's economic woes persist.
    The unemployment rate in the eurozone's 17 nations rose to a record 11.1% in May, the highest level since the euro launched as a common currency in 1999.

    Roughly 25 million people were unemployed in the EU in May. Spain alone is home to more than a fifth, or about 5.7 million of those unemployed workers.

    Spain's unemployment rate is 24.6%. the highest in the region.

    Manufacturing activity has been contracting for 11 straight months in the region, according to Markit's Purchasing Managers' Index
  2. "... And France has a new President, François Hollande. Take a look at Mr. Hollande's plans (according to The Economist):

    Mr. Hollande will start by cutting the retirement age for some workers to 60, putting the top marginal income-tax rate up to 75%, raising taxes on wealth, inheritance and dividends, increasing the minimum wage and making it much harder for employers to fire workers.

    Far from curbing the size of the public sector, at 56% of GDP the biggest in the euro zone, he seems likely to expand it.

    The thing is, if Mr. Hollande follows through with these plans, France could be a bigger mess than Greece and the rest of the PIIGS in no time… Heck, with French public debt at 90% of the country's GDP, it won't take long for France to catch up with the PIIGS..."

    Yeah, like this will work..
  3. I doubt they will be able to get anything through. The French have been very conservative for the last twenty years so I don't think it will be easy to push these ideas. The only reason they voted him in is because they were sick of Sarkozy.
  4. What will happen to EU middle class if every country follows China's economic/export tricks.
  5. I see this is the second thread you have posted the exact same outrage, you troll, so I suppose it is not even worth asking you because you are probably already on to another site to post your shit, but just to make it legitimate, I'll bite

    what exactly do you mean by "China's economic/export tricks"?

    If you have an answer post it, otherwise take your shit somewhere else where I guess you think you can get somebody to vote your way or subscribe to the newsletter that has completely cracked up your already cracked pot up mind.
  6. If you have an answer post it, otherwise take your shit somewhere else
  7. the middle class will do just fine, and China's economic/export tricks are all in just good fun.

    The answer is, you need to start thinking more like a Chinaman.

    I would suggest at the very least, you start cutting your steak up into little itty bitty pieces before you cook it.

    Get use to it man, that is how the whole middle class will soon be living if they keep up their economic/export shenanigans.

    I tried to warn you.

    and don't try to pull that "You're not making any sense" crap on me, many have tried, and they all ended up just like the Chinese.
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    Wait, so Euroland has chronically high UE and low growth, and ONE entire political party in the US try to make the US more like Europe at every turn????
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