Euro topping at 1.24 and Down to...know you???

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  1. Euro topping at 1.24 and Down to...know you???

    The break of the the triple top in 1.2250, leave the euro climb to 1.24, near the orthodox top of the fourth wave (v) within 3 and the 0.382 fib. ret. Is it the end of this double zig zag wave 4, ((w))-((x))-((y))?, where wave ((y)), made topping in the upper line of the channel. This is a good question, and only five waves down, will give us a clue of the finish of the correstive wave 4. The Blue Counting, shows a wave 4 double zig zag, possible finished in 1.2402, beginning since there, the last leg down of the wave (A), 5. The break of the support in 1.2250 (the last week resistance) and of the ascending trendline, confirm it. The Red Counting shows the first double zig zag W with in (X) finished in the same point of 4, being corrected by X.

  2. Please TRANSLATE this into SIMPLE ENGLISH.

  3. SHow off :)
  4. Is it me, or does this poster have threads that sound like Yoda posted them?

    Dark are the thoughts of the EUR future! Scared you should be if short you are!
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    More predictive BS.

    When will you learn?

    I am asking you again: Are you ready for 1.2612 after a retrace?

    Predicting will land you in the poorhouse. Just follow your system.

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    i think he's following his system... which is calling for tops and catching bottoms...:D
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    Don't have a clue what this means :confused:

    Wait for when the Chinese to float a tradeable currency, whatever selloff you envision now will then be a comparative joke.