Euro to replace dollar in Iran’s Forex Reserve Fund

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  1. TEHRAN – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered the use of the euro instead of the dollar as the basic foreign currency in the Forex Reserve Fund calculations.

    The Mehr News Agency reported that this order was issued in line with a decision made in this regard by the board of trustees of the Forex Reserve Fund.

    Prior to this, the Islamic Republic of Iran had announced that it had stopped selling oil in dollars and started using euro in its oil transactions
  2. if george was still in power tonight would have been teheran bombarded !

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  3. Only Iran , what about Libya and other countries ?
  4. UN, Russia, China and India are trying their best to destroy US Dollar by trying to replace US Dollar with a new global currency.

    Will USA also bomb UN, Russia, China and India?.
  5. One event often came to my mind is that
    right before the second Iraq war, the Iraqis government declined no longer accepting U.S. dollar for its oil export. I was always wondering if that was the trigger, if not the cause of the second Iraq War.:confused:
  6. ahaha... don't be sick... the chineses will not destroyed what they have... ahahah
  7. it's called the imperial tax : to buy oil, give $ ( $=paper). then when the guys want something form his $ ( paper ), sadly for him it will have lose value... cause of inflation.
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  9. Reguardless that Iran has changed to EUR from USD it is all still fiat money. The current strength in the EUR would not be the best currency choice for oil to paper conversion rate. It would have been wiser to switch to a currency that has had major currency manipulation throughout its current history. (hint hint east of Iran)

  10. The last time Iran did something like this (create an oil bourse for payment in Euros) it marked the Euro top.
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