Euro to 1.60?

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by crgarcia, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. With all the money the Fed will print to help Indymac, and back Freddie/Fannie; the Euro is about to go to 1.60?
  2. Doji7


    1.65-1.70 :confused:
  3. sky is the limited; maybe 2; perhaps 2.5; :D no one knows; maybe dollar strength to 0.85; lol:eek:
  4. 1.60 is only 60 pips way. We can get there tonight :D
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  6. Surdo


    Please remind me to FADE your next call!
  7. Surdo


    Last sale 1.5885 smarty!
  8. Haven't you heard about take-profit-orders, whiner?
  9. Surdo se va pal ignore.

    Never taught I would ever use this function, as I'm very open minded and tolerate opinions, but things sometimes get annoying.
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