euro stress tests could come early

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    Does this stress really make any difference, I think they are just trying to calm everyone and keep the markets as stable as possible. I think these tests are pretty much manipulated. What are the chances that at least 30-40% fail. The condition this global economy is in and you would think its guaranteed that at least 75% would fail but that is no way near happening.

    Euro bank stress test results
    could still come early: sources Reuters - 1 hr, 22 mins ago FRANKFURT/BERLIN
    (Reuters) - Results of pan-
    European bank stress test
    could be published earlier than
    originally planned, but no final
    decision has been made yet, several sources familiar with the
    matter said on Thursday. The Committee of European
    Banking Supervisors (CEBS)
    has said it planned to publish
    results of the test, which tests
    the financial health of 91
    Euorpean banks, at 1600 GMT (12 noon EDT) on Friday. The final timetable may become
    clearer later on Thursday, the
    sources said.
  2. CEBS and the UK FSA both repudiated the rumors of early release this morning...
  3. Don't we already know the results ... a few of the less-then-well politically connected will be thrown to the wolves, the euro will go through the roof, and equity markets will rally by about 2%. Nothing to see here, move along.
  4. It's the ranking that everyone is everyone is waiting for...
  5. How about a sell-on-the-news effect on the EURUSD?

    The ECB is so clumsy in regard to it's public communications that it might trigger a selloff if people doubt the credibility of the tests.