Euro Stoxx 50 futures settlement price and time ?

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    Been looking at adding the E-Stoxx 50 futures to the markets I trade using OHLC and noticed yesterday that the settlement price (2547) was posted on the Eurex site whilst the market was still trading ?, it then closed out at 2559, I then checked my CSI data and it had the close at 2547 yet the market had been trading well above the level for some time and the last trade was as stated 2559, now the website says the trading hours are 10-00 until 22-00 and there’s no mention of after hours trading or at what time settlement occurs so could someone who regularly trades this market please tell me how this market works as its got me stumped :confused:
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    I have checked this site and can see "Daily Settlement price" but when does this occur :confused: as it appears before 22-00 when the same site says the market closes, unless ive missed it there is no explanation as to how and at what time the market settlement price is determined, as I pointed out in the OP the market was still trading yesterday but the daily settlement price had already been determined, maybe this is this done when the cash closes ?, just thought there may have been some Stoxx traders here who would know.
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    They use the cash close at 1030 cst for settlement even though futures vontinue trading til 3.
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    Can't you read?

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    Well i try :p but still cant find were that is on the link :confused:

    thanks anyway :)
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    When you click the link the website will show some tabs in the upper half of the site: "Latest Trading Parameters".

    Click on "Trading" and scroll down.
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    Another Question about this market

    Been trading the Stoxx and have to say its a very good market for how I trade

    Got caught out today though, bit stupid of me but it didn’t click that it was the 3rd Friday of the month, and so Friday was the last trading day, I placed my daily order as usual with IB and sold the March contract at 2749, attached stop with the intention of getting out on the open Monday, just logged in to check that and other positions and the market settled way before trading in other contracts ceased, and it appears I should have been trading the June contract if I wanted to hold until Monday, last trade price is 2735 now my question is.

    What happens ?, will I get a fill at the last price ?, or the price of the cash market settlement ? and how long does the process take ?.

    Been trading index’s a few years and this is a first for me, bit stupid but live and learn
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    On Sunday several Oil Tankers will pull up at the side of your house and the captains will ask you where to dump the stuff :D .

    ESTX is cash settled, lookup the settlement price at the website

    Your account should be credited the difference between your sell price and the settlement price x 10€.
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    Better have clear out of the cellar then before the ships arrive !

    Thanks though

    Thought that’s how it would settle but just wanted to ask, some markets do it differently, the SGX Nikkei for example settles the following morning, so you could get very different settlement price to the last trade the afternoon before.

    Just my luck though, June is down about 30 points so im going to miss out on some profit if it holds around the current level for Mondays open.
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