euro sinking and government is concerned about world cup results

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should the US appoint a member of the presidential cabinet to be in charge of sports?

  1. yes sports are important to the health and wealth of the nation

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  2. no

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    Blatter warns France, Sarkozy not to interfere

    By GRAHAM DUNBAR (AP) – 2 hours ago

    JOHANNESBURG — FIFA president Sepp Blatter warned French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday that his country's team risks suspension from global tournaments if he meddles in the running of the national soccer federation.

    Blatter said Tuesday he was sending a "clear and clean message" to the French government and Sarkozy, who has said he would personally lead the investigation into Les Bleus' dismal showing at the World Cup.

    The French soccer federation "can really rely on FIFA in case of political interference — even if it is at the presidential level," Blatter said. "France made an 'affaire d'etat' of football, but football remains in the hands of the federation."

    FIFA rules demand that federations manage their affairs independently or face suspension from international soccer matches and business. Teams, referees and soccer officials can be barred from participating even if the federation is the innocent victim of government meddling.

    A FIFA suspension could affect French clubs Marseille, Lyon and Auxerre competing in the Champions' League next season, and hamper preparations to organize the 2016 European Championship. France was awarded the hosting rights last month by European football body UEFA.

    Sarkozy intervened after the team's performance on and off the field in South Africa heaped embarrassment on the nation.

    The team, which won the 1998 World Cup and was runner-up four years ago, failed to win a game and players went on strike at training after forward Nicolas Anelka was sent home for insulting coach Raymond Domenech.

    A parliamentary panel was scheduled later Tuesday to interview sports minister Roselyne Bachelot, who spoke to the team during the debacle.

    Bachelot earlier said it was "inevitable" that French soccer federation Jean-Pierre Escalettes would resign. Escalettes, who won praise for leading the Euro 2016 bid campaign, announced his plan to quit shortly after and will be interviewed Wednesday with the outgoing Domenech in hearings at the National Assembly.

    Blatter told reporters at a briefing that he regretted Escalettes' resignation, and warned that France's status in world soccer would not prevent FIFA stepping in.

    "Definitely, I can tell you that political interference will be dealt with by FIFA notwithstanding what kind of interference and what is the size of the country," Blatter said.

    FIFA has punished soccer federations before.

    Greece was European champion when it was suspended from world soccer for several days in 2006, Iraq served a suspension in 2008 and Ethiopia was kicked out of its qualifying group for the 2010 World Cup.

    what else can u expect from the left wingers who rule Europe?
  2. jem


    I guess that makes FIFA an NGO.

    FIFA has some over the top branding at the games.

    I wonder if they wish to be the new world order instead of Corporations ala Rollerball.

    An entertainment concern taking over from the Bilderbergs.
  3. haha

    "Football isn't a matter of life or death, it's much more important than that." — Bill Shankly , Liverpool F.C.
  4. One expects countries to prop up their currencies and markets?

    How american.
  5. Lol I hate that quote.

    To paraphrase "Trader X" from "Dancing with lions", I would ask - how does 22 strangers running around a grassy field trying to kick an inflated leather ball between two posts help you get laid? How does it help you make money? How does it help you do what you want to do?

    Placing great importance on the outcome of professional sports is for the most part a totally valueless activity. *Doing* sports can be useful and productive (although apart from learning to defend yourself and getting in shape, i see no purpose to most sports unless you can make a good living as a pro), but watching them is mostly an idle waste of time, and caring about the results is completely irrational unless you are a gambler on the event or actually work in the sport as a professional.

    It never ceases to amaze me that so many people watch professional sports while they sit on their couch getting fat and stuffing their face with a hamburger and beers. I guess it's no more insane than sitting alone in front of a computer jerking off to people having sex on a screen, rather than actually having sex with a real live woman. People seem to prefer to watch other peoples' lives on TV rather than participate in their own.

    If you observe closely, you will notice that the more a country cares about sporting results, the more of a 3rd world cesspit it is. A bit like patriotism. It's no surprise that 2 dirt poor Latin American countries actually went to war over a football match: