Euro rebound up untill 1.25 at least???

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  1. Euro rebound up untill 1.25 at least???

    The euro bottoming in 1.2015, starting here a recovery. The Friday the currency went up strongly, moving up without rest and breaking the trendline channel. The Blue alternative shows a wave (A), unfolding, after the rebound in 1.20, the finish of the wave 3, the wave 4 with a first target within the wave four area of lesser degree. This wave 4 can be a triangle, or a zig zag, following the alternancy rule. The Red Alternative shows a wave (W) finish in 1.2015, beginning here the wave (X) up as an A-B-C zig zag. with a target between the 0.382 to 0.618 of (W). Look at the Charts to understand the movements.
  2. One more wave up to complete the wave ((a)) within 4. Have in mind the classic channel, wave ((iv)) top and 0.382 as resistance levels.
  3. Possible wave 4 flat 3-3-5 or running triangle 3-3-3-3-3.