Euro Push-Pull

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Albert Cibiades, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. To keep boredom at bay,
    During slow times of day,
    I invent a new system,
    That I hope will make hay.

    Been doing it for over ten years now. Have less than forty valid metrics to show for it. You do the math. About one out of a hundred ideas works. To keep courage up in the face of such daunting odds it is necessary to drink. Here is today's invention. Of course it does not work, or I wouldn't show it to you.

    It is called NQEuro, pronounced N-Queer-Oh. When the thick dashed line is green, the Euro is pulling NQ up. When the thick dashed line is red, the Euro is pushing NQ down. Or if you don't believe that the Euro has any influence on NQ, you can interpret it the opposite way, or as a totally random occurrence. When the dashed line's value is near zero, the Euro and NQ are roughly tracking each other. A pretty pass we have come to when the US market is influenced by the exchange rate. I have always lived in a Third World trailer park. Glad to see the rest of the country finally catching up to me.

    I invented this in 30 minutes after a fifteen second scalp based on a hunch that a falling Euro would drag NQ down. Turns out the trade was a total fluke. But at least I got a good new joke undicator out of it.