Euro Pacific Capital

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Marmulak, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Marmulak


    I wanted to know what you guys think about the company, Euro Pacific Capital (Peter Schiff is the President).

  2. erzafitch


    well he went to UC Berkeley..he can't be that bad. :p

    they help investors buy stocks directly from a foreign exchange..maybe through some house account.

    they must be a retail shop.
  3. bathrobe


    I have been in contact with them recently and they are a long term (years) investor in foreign markets, they have direct access to exchanges around the world and I believe invest in equities and futures. I started to look into them when Peter Schiff was correct on literall all market calls I saw him make on TV from 05 till now, I have not seen him lately though. If you go to the website you can get a newsletter once a month for free.
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  5. Marmulak


    I am 22, and I was recently asked to join Euro Pacific Capital....but I do not know if this is a right career path for me. In the future my goal is to work for a hedge fund or PE firm.

    I wanted to know how the market is right now for jobs and if a move into Sales is the right path for me. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

  6. bathrobe


    I am sure you know this but given the current state of our economy jobs are scarce, so you may want to think about working in sales to build up capital to trade with if nothing else. I just turned 29 and if I did not trade for a living, I do not think I would be able to find a job (from what I hear).

    As far as trading for a hedge fund you would need to have a usable, audited track record (I have the same goal).

    Good luck