EURO opening on Sunday

Discussion in 'Forex' started by GetBusyLiving, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Anybody think it will cross below 1.40? It's a strong support level and I don't think the jobs report is enough to break through it. If it does, I think it might just quickly bounce back up.
  2. because these are trading threads,

    why not enlighten the rest of us with a trading perspective or

    suggestions as to how to trade such news, whether the Euro remains flat, goes higher or lower...

    perhaps that would engender more of a conversation and mutual benefit instead of just "putting it (this thought) out there"
  3. there is some stuff brewing behind the scenes with bond markets in ireland, greece again, the euro has been looking a little weak, i wouldn`t be surprised now that the fed stuff is over, people start focusing on europe again......I wouldn`t be surprised if euro breaks 1.40 on monday.
  4. limitdown: I have no idea how to trade it right now as I am confused, which is why I asked a simple question if anyone thought it would cross below 1.40. I'm sorry the thread was not to your liking, I will try super hard next time to satisfy your needs.

    Bluestreek: Thanks for your input, I didn't hear anything about Ireland. Should be interesting.
  5. Horrible German numbers, but it doesn't look like it wants to stay below 1.39.

    If price breaks below 1.3870 I think it will test 1.3700. If it bounces from 1.39 I think there is a good chance we will test the 1.45 area (monthly trend line and 61.8 fib) I'm putting in a small long position with a stop at 1.3865
  6. wow,

    welcome to the threads

    it seems like it did cross below

    perhaps you know enough to be successful

    after all its always a 50% - 50% basis when you commit to the trade
  8. and...

  9. Thanks for the info. I think with the rest of the economic news coming out this week we will see which way the euro moves. If more bad news from Germany, we could see 1.37 easy. If German GDP surprises on the upside, I think we can test 1.43