Euro head hunt

Discussion in 'Economics' started by AKUMATOTENSHI, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Caught this article on CNN concerning a bounty to eliminate the Euro Dollar:

    The answer is quite simple have them revert back to the gold standard. I am sure the Swiss would not mind. The grand plan was nothing more than a dream that could have happened if the Chinese would have offered a bailout. They still might if the rates are good enough and their people agree to it. The citizens of the EU have been riding the gravy train long enough. Time for them to be made free by working.
    There is a function on Bloomberg currency converter to find out what the actual value of each individual member states are worth as a stand alone. So the worth of the origninal fiat currency can be calculated very easily. The social wlefare transfer payments, restrictive work practices and protectionist measures that are stopping global "free trade" must end. I would love to see more Chinese factories in the heart of Europe with nice low wages and no benefits.

    Welcome to Planet Misery,