Euro Getting Crushed Today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Landis82, May 1, 2008.

  1. Looks like there is a bit of "genius" in what Bernanke and Paulson have been putting together in the way of monetary policy recently.

    Treacherous waters for sure.
    But it looks like the tide is starting to turn.

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    Yep, I went short 400,000 Euro / USD last night, and sure am glad I did. I am riding this wave out for a while. This is just the beginning of the dollars comeback IMO.
  3. Also, our commodity bulls are getting their head handed once again today. Wheat, Beans and exotics getting smacked.

    Remarkable, given the fact that in the mind of the paranoid gold bugs the Fed is printing money 24/7 worse than ever in 2008 - deflating the Dollar and inflating commodities.
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    I was short one rice future this morning but covered it at 10:30, right at open lol. I feel really stupid about that.
  5. Yes CRUSHED, the EURO is down a whopping .0175 to 1.5445

    CRUSHED indeed !!

    This is the exact type of "worthless" thread & post that is just regurgitating non-news, and making ET no better than a Yahoo message board.

    What's next landis, you gonna tell us how the S&P futures are trading..TICK by TICK:D :D

    Maybe if you REALLY traded, yuo wouldn't waste time with these types of WORTHLESS posts.
  6. 1% hardly getting crushed
  7. I posted this thread for all of the "Helicopter Ben" bashers out there . . .

    The FXE has retraced a fibonacci 38.2% of the powerful upmove from early February in just 7 days!
    I'd beg to differ about that being unimpressive.
  8. Wow, thanks for the big value add. Chat board stalkers like you personify worthlessness.
  9. Yes exactly !! Thank you for driving my point home !!

    I posted VERBATIM a posting of Landis, and as your response shows, landis continues to prove hypocrisy is alive and well on ET.
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