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    I'm looking at starting to scalp either the Euro FX Future or the E-mini Euro FX Future.

    Apart from the obvious differences (i.e. mini has half face value and tick value), what are the differences between the two?
    For example, what are the differences in liquidity and noise? (by noise I mean how much price moves a few ticks up and down within a few seconds)
    Any recomendations of which to choose?

    Thanks for your help

  2. You should pull up a chart for both and look at the price action of them in realtime to tell the difference.

    In fact, post a chart of both side by side here at ET.

    With that said...if your going to trade one of the other or both...

    You should also be monitoring in realtime the U.S. Dollar Index (not the futures) because any trade signals in that is the opposite trade signal in EuroFX.

    Therefore, there is an inverse price relationship between the two.

    Also, have you backtested any of your strategies on both ?

    If so...does one get more trade signals than the other ?

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    I think it will be almost the same as my ES compared to SP question.
    I now have the capital to trade some SP contracts, but my possibilities for diversified in and out or "scale" as you americans call it, are much greater in the mini contracts.

    Unless you are trading with a really huge amount of money on the line, I pressume this will also be a factor for you to consider.

    I do not have any experience with none of those euro FX futures so I cannot comment on things like moves/"noise" etc.

    Best of luck whatever you choose.

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    Anyone know what the daily volumes are for Euro-FX versus Mini Euro-FX? I couldn't find it on the CME website.
  5. Lucrum


    CME EURO FX FUT 164,315
    This was Friday, got it from the CME home page.
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    Thanks TL
  7. you might want to try mini spot EUR fx
    with a broker that lets you do this
    first ... before trading the EUR future
    but of course ... its your choice and your money

  8. StreamlineTrade

    StreamlineTrade Guest

    Why would anybody want to trade at a bucket shop with less liquidity over a regulated exchange?
  9. J-Trade


    andy4444 - if your account size can take it, trade EC over E7 : the liquidity is so much better. I trade a 3 lot method and started with 3 x E7 to reduce risk. However, I often use stop limit entry orders, which are almost always filled on EC, but sometimes either partially or not at all with E7 (I am not talking about entries around news announcements). E7 is probably fine for 60min + timeframes, but you mentioned scalping, so I presume you are trading a much faster chart.

    Forex does have the possibility of trading mini lots, but in my limited experience the price moves are less "consistent", especially if using tick charts, even if they "shouldn't" be !

    Hope that helps & good luck.

  10. andy4444


    Thank you very much for your help J-Trade.

    And thanks to all of you guys that contributed so far, Mark, Syrre, TL trader, Setharb, Streamline.

    The best of trading to all of you!

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