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  1. If you are looking to just trade the Euro, look at the Euro FX futures on the CME when the market is active there is normally a 1 Tick spread when its slow it's 2 or 3 ticks. The real advantage over spot FX dealers is that you can post bids and offers.
  2. Yeah, but Globex opens more than 3 hours after the FX market on Sundays.
  3. disadvantage

    plus the other one is that

    some fx spot brokers claim they can guarantee

    stops .... I still have not figured that one out :p
  4. you have weigh the +'s and -'s


    Give up 3 hours on sundays

    stop not guaranteed

    a 4 pip spread in and out is $50 a r/t, so really it's not commission free trading, it's really high commissions. Basically you have to make 4 pips to break even. It costs $50 to scratch a trade. commissions on CME FX futures <$5 rt

    This is just my opinion.

    Please add more feedback.
  5. How about execution speed?...particularly during active times. I am done w/ the FX broker requote scam... I want a fill at the quoted price. :mad:
  6. is slightly different

    10$ USD a pip as opposed to $12.50 USD EURO FX futures

    I prefer futures ... might one day try to open up a few small accts

    at the top spot retail dealers just in case I could see an edge

    of 1-2 pips over the others and the futures are ripping :p
  7. etherboy


    Can someone explain why CME EuroFX trade size is a lot less than bid and ask size? I usually see trade size less than 2 when bid & ask size usually greater than 20,50 or even 100? I'm using IB.
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    The bigger bids and offers are arbitraging the cash market, so they can afford to do size. However they are always a tick or two away from the mid price. In between the big arb orders you get the smaller speculative or hedging orders, which offer a better price, so these are what trade.
  9. kempo


    What do you mean by stop not guaranteed? And just to be clear, you are referring to the CME product?