Euro Free Fall without Parachute to 1.10???

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  1. Euro Free Fall without Parachute to 1.10???

    The friday the euro broke a very important support line at 1.1864, with a very strong down of more than 150 pips in less of 4 hours. Because of this, the horizontal fluctuation band, or as elliotician call this, a flat, is finished. Then we can say that the down trend is back, and the question is for how long. The channel lines in the graphic help. The past year the euro mades a high at 1.3666, will make a new lows till end of year?
    The Blue counting and the Red are similar, a difference in the degree of waves and the length of this down. The blue counting is a double zig zag, where the wave C is on progress, with target between 0.618 to 1 of (W). And the red shows a expanded flat wave X, with a wave ((c)) in progress, near to the bottoming.
  2. Just shorted MKT for 1.1420

    aud/nzd heading to 1.12
    Bougth some here

    GBP?CHF Longs added Here too

    Shorting latter for 192
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    Why the question marks, are you hedging your bet? I think with your track record for weekly Euro calls, you are a good contrary indicator.
  4. /

    Same key...Just pressed Shift
  5. Shorted EUR/CAD at 1.4000 (small)
    Will Short major at 1.42 this week
  6. GBP/AUD
    Crashing as well
  7. Unbelievable!?
  8. Some currency analyst on cnbc said 1.04 is next target -- zing.
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    too many bearish on the EUR. I suspect we see a bounce up to around 1.1950 and then free fall to 1.1100/1.1500 by May '06. I'm making this post more for keeping a personal record for this call.
  10. all i can say is....i told you so.
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