Euro Crashing

Discussion in 'Forex' started by FXsKaLpEr, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Looks like there's no more use for euro! :D

    EUR/USD rate from 1.2426 down to 1.2392 since market open.

    anyone short?

    current = 1.2394

  2. colewave


    Very odd definition you have of "crashing"
  3. Crashing? WTF -- I guess next time the Dow is down 20 pts we should consider a response to the obvious upcoming depression.
  4. mahras2


    LoL. 100 pips is below the daily average range for the EURUSD.
  5. 1.2426 to 1.2392!!!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! The world economy is crumbling!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  6. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    I just took up a short position with the EUR/USD at 1.2395. It seems that after Japan's GDP came out the Euro started to sell off. I'm hoping that it'll continue this sell off so that I can make some money finally.

    Let's hope that the Euro moves down below 1.20 again.

    PS, I like your new name 'FXsKaLpEr' , it implies that you're a scalper in the Forex market. Maybe you're a scalper on a bigger scale. Scalping for over 100 pips at a time. What do you think?
  7. do you know these guys ?

    coinz ?

    skalpz ?
  8. I AM these guys! :D


    current 1.2365
  9. Ok you clearly have no idea what crashnig really means.
  10. mahras2


    I have a question for you. Not accusing you or anything:

    Have you made money trading FX?

    You seem to be going from one thing to another. First you tried scalping then you quit. Then I saw you involved in cash and carry then you stopped. And now you are trying positional trading after getting burned on the big dollar bear trend we saw two weeks back. Judging by your comments it really doesnt seem like you know what in the world you are doing. So what do you do scalpz/coinz/fxscalper?
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