Euro Bund (FGBL)

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  1. Hi bund traders, how is market treating u all ah ... ? Well I was wondering is thr any one in this forum to discuss about euro bund market. If yes pls stay in touch and share ur experiences.

    - Thank you :)
  2. I am seeing your post 3 months later and I trade the bund.
  3. Hi pal, Nice to meet ya. How r u trading with bund? I have lots of losses to recover. I am under 160 euros negative till date. Today i was 90 euros down too. Hell lot of frustration in my mind.
  4. Ya Bund is so volatile, even I need to recover but I used to spread trade Bund with Schatz some years back, that was interesting!
  5. Hi bro...I made 80 euros today from 10 trades with 1 lot. 5 negative and 5 positive. Bund has been so aggressively that i can't judge right entries. Today i saw double around at 144.53 and made a buy but cudn't hold it for long time. I lost my patience and so the money.
  6. Its not about the round trips, its all about being focused on your edge and having patience to see it through (3 ticks or 30) day in day out. It can get frustrating but you have to understand that the market is completely neutral, its we as traders who impose our feelings, attitudes, likes, dislikes, associate past experiences good or bad with trading when a trade goes good or bad. The market isn't out to get you nor is it your friend, it just is!
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    I know many people trading stocks, forex, oil or gold like to discuss their trading results, no matter they are good or not.

    Why people trading Bund or other similar products don't like to discuss it? :confused: