Euro area yield curve

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    I guess this is interesting. Look at that Euro area AAAA rated state bond rates curve.

    This graph says to us that interest rates on euro will fall into at least % 3 or maybe lower. Considering euro is already weak against dollar, whenever this falling interest rates scenario happens, we may see a much weaker euro.
  2. jeeeze, for a minute there I wondered how you'd got a shot of my pecker's bloodstream

    "euro is already weak against dollar" ?????
    euro Purchasing Power v $ + 26%

    "we may see a much weaker euro" — right
    once $0.50 is reached
  3. Galatia: what's the data source for that graphic?
  4. I would like to know that, too....:)
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    This is an animated yield curve graph between the dates 2007 Aug - 2008 Feb. 8. I got it form ECB's website.

    select the "See animation since..." option below...