Euro and the greeks

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  1. They say that the vote is today, and I am wondering what effect it may have on eur/usd starting at current price of 1.4405.

    1. If vote is yes (confidence in gov), what do you think it would happen to to eur/usd?

    2. If vote is no, what do you think it would happen to eur/usd?

    My beliefs are:

    1. If Yes, a possible spike of 20 to 45 pips, and then a stalling or selling.

    2. If No, it would go down.
  2. It just spiked to 1.4420. Did they vote already?

  3. If you wanted to date Jill, would you ask her tailor, butcher, the clerk at the super?

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  5. BigSalad


    More likely a US hooker working the EU countries...

  6. Your confusion is a given ..... why?

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    Jill was no hooker - she was married to the US Dollar, but unfortunately succumbed to cancer and died. In his halcyon days, her husband, the US Dollar got off a train to meet the Euro, but the cunning and deceitful Euro sent 3 gunfighters instead, Gold, Australian Dollar and Crude Oil.

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