Euro 2012

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  1. Anybody here follow?
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    i'm following. nice 2 games to start.

    ref in the poland/greece game had a shocker. the 2 yellow cards that led to the greek sending off were soooooo not yellow cards.

    Sat's games are proper scorchers. netherlands v denmark and germany v portugal.

    Which country will you be rooting for?

    I live in Ireland, so I'll be rooting for the Irish, but I think they'll be home on the 1st bus :D same group as Spain, Italy and Croatia. ouch !!! :eek:
  3. If Denmark wins, that would be a complete shocker.

    I root for Germany. Half German and can't stand Ronaldo..:D
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    oi !!!! leave ronaldo alone. he's ex-Man United, so he's alright :D

    well, u got ur wish for a complete shocker. Denmark did win, although Netherlands should have had at least 1 penalty, possibly 2.

    Portugal fought back well after the goal, almost equalised thru Pepe.
  5. I'll root a toot for Ireland, but the match I'm waiting for is France v ENGLAND

    was impressed by the Russians, very aggressive style of play I haven't seen before
    it'll be interesting seeing how far they go
  6. Agree. Russia played very well.

    Germany got lucky. I doubt they can get too far playing like today.

    The friendly Arg-Bra in the US today was much more fun to watch than Ger-Por and it was just a friendly!

    On other news I have asked Joe the moderator to merge the two Euro threads as for some reason two appeared in the forum.

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    France v England would be a cracker for sure :cool: some history between the two.

    Thanks for joining me Wallace. Good to see i'm not the only one rooting for the Irish :D
  8. Ozil named a man of the match? Not Hummels ? Hmmmm

    Very boring Saturday ; hope it will pick up tom
  9. well Ireland was outclassed, mind you, if they'd brought their hurley sticks
    wasn't impressed with England, one lucky goal

    any team that stands out ?

    downgraded Russia after what I consider to be a loss to Poland
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    Thanks for inviting me over, I was starting to feel left out... :D


    Is it just me, or has it been pretty shitty so far?

    I'm looking forward to tonight's matches, though. Should be good...
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