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  1. Agree. Thinking the same thing.
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  2. Blue line was the target. It's a big level on the EURJPY, and now the GBPUSD too. Probably could've shorted but i've learned my lesson trying to fade this over the years.
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  3. SalomonI


    I believe that the pair will arrive this week at 136.59
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  4. EURJPY having a hell of a time at this resistance. GBP finally broke through and never looked back. GBPUSD looks good at 1.3940 for a big support level. EURJPY @ 136.30 on the breakout with a stop below 135.90.

    Both of these still in strong uptrends, however the Yen hasnt been responding well to BOJ news. Lots of people thinking theyre going to start tightening things up it seems.
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  5. Some pictures......
    EURJPY add was triggered. Expecting 138 then 140.
    GBPUSD missed the entry by about 30 pips. Very possible this pair is heading toward the 1.45 level.

    Weekly trends are obviously still intact (not shown).
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  6. Closed 1/2 of everything @137.20.
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  7. EurJpy Pair Sell Position against Low Drop at Spot Price 131.02 stoploss at 132.15 Close Bar is at 129.93 for 110 pip to the Low Side. - The Pair Now at Testing Mode Only on my watch - The Actual Low Rate and where the Pair is Heading is Centered after 126.15 At the Monthly Chart Cycle Downtrend Phase so 126.15 is my nearest Support Level and should be considered as the Close Bar to the Low Drop. And As First Support Level to A Slight Swing High before A Continuation Low Phase towards 118.96 will be made - This is the experience that you will be seeing - Again Thank you for your continued Patients.
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  8. Ok some interday trading for yer - Eurjpy Spot Price 130.18 Support Level 129.80 - Additional Note : Pair may have A Probable Swing High towards 134.14 - So be care at this point - Pair just at Test Mode. As of the Monthly Cycle Low.
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  9. -134.52 is the adjusted High Mark
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  10. Eurjpy Pair Spot Price 129.97 I am still at it - Trying to get the Pair to turn to the Highside for a brief while - Thinking that the H1 Chart would have become Full & Overbought by this at time at 130.74 - A Swing High Phase would incur 134.15 - But failing this 124.85 from my original estimate at 126.15 - Looks likely to be best Support Level for the Pair. I can`t understand why I always appreciate trying to turn Pairs at what I consider to be reasonable or good Levels - When the use of indicators aren`t of must use at every turning point but will stimulate one`s efforts all the same.
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